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Honeycomb grid for a flash Print
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Tuesday, 05 January 2010 18:38


A honeycomb grid for a flash, which is made from black cocktail straws, is become almost classical DIY construction, therefore I didn't add nothing new to it. It's a good example for cheep and simple, but effective solution. Although my variant of this grid is looked a bit crude , it is strong enough to be used very long time.

As an amateur I use a cheap and simple flash, which is screwed in a lamp-holder type E27. The flash has external diameter of 80 mm. Therefore I looked for a suitable plastic pipe first. I found a PVC pipe for a rain-spout with diameter of 80 mm in an ironmonger's shop. The inner diameter of the pipe was a bit bigger than the diameter of the flash, therefore it needed some extra work. I cut 8 clefts with 20 mm in length with a metal-saw in the certain end of the pipe. I cut a bigger piece so as to match with „the tooth“ which is placed on the flash as well. Next I heated the pipe's end above a hot-plate for a while. Because the pipe is plastic, it narrowed a bit and the diameter of the aperture became smaller. As a result the clearance disappeared and the placing of the flash has happened with a little effort, which guarantees a stable joint. I used black cocktail straws то make the grid. I cut the straws into four pieces first, then I stuck the pieces one next to the other with silicone. I started from the center and I added the next pieces of straw consecutively, in order to form concentric circles until obtaining a bundle with certain diameter so that to get into the opposite more narrow end of the pipe.

Here are the detached parts.



The grid in the assembled view is shown in the illustration below.



The test-photos. The distance between the flash and the surface is about 1.5 metres.

Fig.4 Without the grid.


Fig.5 With the grid.

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